My Story

With over 29 years experience in Kinesiology, Touch for Health and Teacher. I discovered my own road to heath recovery after a near death experience, here is my story: read more

Robyn Mangnall Lotz

Detox Coach & Kinesiologist

Taking care of
your detox needs

The Recovery Detox is located in the Cederberg amongst the picturesque mountains of the valley. A perfect location to heal and detox your body.

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Specifically formulated for health, weight loss & recovery


Proven techniques to clean your body from toxins


Recover your bowels and add more years onto your life


Take control of your health and learn how to manage your body

The healing program consists of

  • Anine
    My experience overcoming Dyslexia with Robyn
  • Ciaran
    My experience was amazing, Robyn took care of me very well and I felt great after leaving the detox.

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