Recovery Detox Program & Benefits

What is The Recovery Detox?

10 Day
Recovery Course

Recovery Detox is a 10-day course on how to recover from Chemical or Any other toxic load on the body system. It will be like experiencing the detox first hand and learning techniques and processes to take with you and to continue the journey of wellness back home.

R10 000

For a 10 Day
Detox Healing Course.

Most days will be similar, this will include water therapy, balancing, body work, lymph drainage massage, skin scrubs, light exercise like walking or swimming.


What Can I Expect?

The first day you arrive in a beautiful mountain location. I will meet you and assess your condition using kinesiology testing.

I will pinpoint the imbalances in your system through muscle checking and how to effectively work out a custom individual detox plan for you. This is an everyday occurrence before we decide on our strategy to heal, we communicate with the body to find out if this is for the highest good of the system. This is a good way to keep track of the progress and through this, we can make decisions on how the detox should proceed. We are not all the same, we all have different lifestyles which lead to disease and toxicity, therefore we will all detox at different levels and times.
We encourage Sleep, reflection and meditation after a full day of therapy. Every day you will learn something new that you can take home and put into practice in your own healing plan.

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