Trust Your Body (Your Genetic Intelligence)

The body remembers everything through cell memory,  a Kinesiologist will find an imbalance and will offer balance whether that is mental, emotional or physical. Contemporary western […]

The Connection Between your Behaviour and Past Traumas

Old Emotion Healing All behavioural, physical and emotional problems are deeply seated in past traumas.  We can restore our ability to make rational choices, that are […]

Are You Addicted to Sugar?

Have you ever tried to control your weight, health or lifestyle but struggled to replace the bad habits with new, good ones? Are you constantly bouncing […]

Touch for Health for Parents & Children

If you’re a parent – whether you work full-time, part-time or are stay-at-home mom or dad – and are looking for ways to help your family […]

How to Live a More Earth-Friendly Life

Do you care about the planet you live on, but feel that being environmentally conscious is just too expensive? Well, there are a few small things […]

How to Become a Touch for Health Practitioner

Are you interested in becoming a Touch for Health (TFH) Practitioner? Or, are you looking for a simple, safe and practical way to help care for […]

Bread Belly: 7 Great Reasons to Cut Out Wheat

So what’s the deal with wheat? Are people becoming increasingly precious, or is there something real to this (relatively) recent-day aversion to wheat? 1 This Ain’t […]

Heal Yourself with Touch for Health

If you’ve been following my blog, by now you probably have an idea of what Touch for Health is (if you missed it, find out more […]

Kinesiology Basics: What is Touch for Health?

Touch for Health is a system of Specialised or Applied Kinesiology. The first Touch for Health manual was published in 1973 by John Thie who wanted […]

Burnt-Out on Parenting (When You Care for Everyone Except Yourself)

Every parent feels run-down and worn-out from time to time. Parenting, after all, is the most time-consuming, intensive, 24/7 job anyone can ever shoulder. But what […]

How Kinesiology Can Help with Burnout

Kinesiology Restores the Balance If you’re feel like you’re burnt-out, or you’re not sure why you’re tired, moody and run-down all the time, the first step […]

What is TRE (Tension & Trauma Release Exercise)?

Tension & Trauma Release Exercise (TRE) is designed to release deep, muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma held in the body. TRE activates our natural […]

Good Vibes at the Free Kinesiology Workshop

Thank you to all the amazing women who attended our Free Kinesiology Workshop last month! We had an amazing time and really enjoyed getting to know […]

Looks Like the Vegans Were Right! (Why Milk Sucks)

People no longer avoid milk ‘just’ because they’re allergic or lactose intolerant. Today, many people are starting to cut it out of their diets because it’s […]

Overcoming Dyslexia & ADD With Brain Gym

Anine Theron shares her inspiring story with us. In Grade 2, I was diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADD. I can remember the struggle of keeping up […]

Robyn Lotz @FreshGround: Dealing With Burnout

On a rather fresh July morning, a group of Kinesiology newbies, enthusiasts, experts – and a couple of curious bystanders – gathered on the stoep of […]

Balance: Parental Burnout

Why Do Parents Burn Out? Parenting is the only job that requires your attention all day, every day, year round, so it’s natural to be concerned […]

FREE Workshop With Robyn Lotz Coming Up Soon!

Robyn Lotz is an established Kinesiologist with over 20 years’ experience in her industry. She has a passion for health and living a balanced, fruitful and […]

FREE TALK: 28th July @FreshGround

Are you tired? Stressed? Irritable? Are you struggling to sleep? These are symptoms of burnout. Capetonian Kinesiologist Robyn Lotz is excited to announce a Free Talk […]

Balance: 7 Natural Ways to Cope with Anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling most of us experience from time to time, especially when facing a particularly stressful situation. However, if your levels of anxiety are […]
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    My experience overcoming Dyslexia with Robyn
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    My experience was amazing, Robyn took care of me very well and I felt great after leaving the detox.

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