Is Robyn?

Is Robyn?

My personal NEAR-DEATH experience.

In early 2017, I started feeling extremely exhausted, I had been experiencing chronic menopausal symptoms with severe night sweats and hot flushes, so I assumed my symptoms were attributed to "The change of life". I was unable to work. Knowing that something was seriously wrong, I knew I was in burnout and thought I would eventually heal. It was actually an accumulation of years of poor diet, food addictions, and self-indulgence. What I call "Consumption", foolishly, thinking I would get away with it.


My body was so toxic, that when I perspired it was like acid coming out of my pores. I developed an abscess in my breast that was the size of a golf ball, but that wasn't my priority, I had started vomiting everything I ate or drank, including water. Even strong smells would make me vomit, and eventually, without eating and drinking for 6 weeks, I found myself in trouble, and bed-ridden.

Panicking, I went to my doctor, who looked at me and sent me straight to the hospital. I found myself in ICU on a drip, I struggled to stay alive. This was to be repeated 2 more times, as no one could help me. The hospital diagnosed me with Bowel Obstruction, even though they failed to see the obstruction through x-ray or sonar scans. I had some mysterious illness that none could diagnose. Self-poisoning with high toxic levels was a burden to my body, all due to my lifestyle. Your body shuts down, one organ at a time. My liver wasn’t doing great either and my kidneys started to go into failure.

My Story

Robyn Mangnall Lotz - Kinesiologist, Touch For Health Course Instructor, Educational Kinesiology & Brain Gym, Detox & Wellness Coach

I was dying.

They discharged me, and I lay in my bed at home waiting to die, from starvation and dehydration, I cried a lot and felt helpless as my life force slowly slipped away. I was prepared to try anything, weak and malnourished, dehydrated and not able to stand up due to heart palpitations and blackouts, I started by following the Gerson cancer protocol, and did coffee enemas. The enemas started to bring down what looked like big worms. Rope worms they call them. These are not actual worms, but years of the bowel continuously shedding itself, due to an acidic diet. It looked like thick ropes that came out while I was doing the flushes. I wasn't eating because I was so ill, but a lot of stuff was still coming out of me. To try and survive I did a plain water enema every morning and evening, so the water could be absorbed, and I could stay alive.

My body did absorb water through my bowels. This was my first miracle. After 3 months of being in bed, I started to feel a little better, and just like that, I was able to eat again. Not for long though, as a couple of months later I was back in the same position, unable to get out of bed and I went to the hospital a couple of times again, to bring me back.

I had nothing to lose and no choice.

With nothing to lose and a lot of time on my hands, I started to do some research. There is no remedy/cure for bowel obstruction, that works for me. It was a long process of healing my bowels and cleaning out my body daily. I started to feel better and the pains in my pelvis were improving. Now I worked out a plan to get me back to wellness and focused on it.

In 2019 I decided to make a goal of walking the Camino Francis, Jean Pied du Port to Santiago. 880kms through Spain that every good catholic dreams of doing, for spiritual reasons. I decided to make it my goal to be healthy enough to do the walk. March of 2019 and I was still bedridden. The plan was to walk in the coming September, but it wasn’t looking good, I had managed to get out of bed but couldn't walk far without being exhausted. With my goal in mind and a fantastic incentive after having cancelled the 2018 Camino trip due to my ill health, I began. I cleaned out my liver, then my bowels and the last was, getting my kidneys to filter properly again.

So I went abroad.

Still not fit and strong, I decided to go ahead with the trip to Spain anyway. My relationship had crumbled, under the pressure, of me being sick all the time. I decided that I would walk half of the 25kms required every day and take it slow. I met some great people on the way and most of them I could not keep up with.

A lot of the time was spent alone feeling sorry for myself, asking myself WHY? WHY? WHY? did you do this to yourself, I could hear my deceased mothers voice "healer heal thyself '' It's a bit of a blur now, but it was just what I needed, I needed to push myself, but not to a breaking point. I needed to take myself away from my problems so I could think clearly, and put things in perspective. What role I played in the breakdown of my relationship, and if I was in my partner's position. How I would have felt and reacted, to the trauma of watching someone you love die in front of your eyes. I started to understand how traumatizing it must have been for family, friends and loved ones.

During my lockdown.

Finally, I spent my time in lockdown, making a breakthrough with my health, and worked out that your adrenals are like your healing force. When you are burnt out, you have no energy to heal yourself. Once you get that right everything else starts to get better and falls into place.

Other than some close friends and colleagues, I had no support. These wonderful humans helped me not to give up, but to keep going however long it took.

I have decided to use my own personal experience and learning’s, as well as 28 years of kinesiology practice to support, and help others in need of guidance and on their path to recovery.