Brain Gym

Brain Gym is an Educational Kinesiology enhanced learning through movement that was created by Dr. Paul E. Dennison and Gail E. Dennison through their extensive research in […]

Benefits of Touch for Health

Release stress and energy , mental, emotional and physical injuries to prevent disease and maintain or regain health and locks. Relieve pain and / or stress […]

Touch For Health

The human being has its own potential for restoring your body through an intrinsic intelligence. This regenerative ability is ours, “Dr. George Goodheart, founder of Applied […]

What Is Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a science that embraces a body of knowledge. Normal and dysfunctional human movement, from this point of view, the physical therapy draws on other […]


EMOTIONAL Emotional factors include our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and feelings. Conscious and unconscious emotional issues include stress, anxiety,  insomnia, addictions and phobias. Emotional factors have a profound effect on all aspects […]


HOW CAN KINESIOLOGY HELP? Illness does not arrive suddenly, although it may seem to do so. It is usually a result of stress build up. Imbalances in the body/mind system leads […]