What You Can See In Your Face?

The “What you can see in your face?”Course is based on the science of physiognomy, you learn key structures in the face that can determine positive or […]

How To Improve Your Life Through Touch For Health.

Touch For Health aims to improve the lives of individuals through using natural medicinal techniques from around the world, with practices and knowledge dating back thousands […]

Touch For Health: A Prevention Better Than A Cure.

Touch For Health is a practice of natural preventative medicine, drawing techniques from different physical and philosophical backgrounds. Since first being introduced by John F Thie […]

The Body Really Does “KNOW”

The body remembers everything through cell memory; a Kinesiologist will find an imbalance and will offer balance whether that is mental, emotional or physical. Contemporary western […]

Old Emotion Healing

By Robyn Lotz – Specialized Kinesiologist All behavioral, physical and emotional problems are deeply seated in past traumas. We can restore our ability to make rational […]

Muscle Monitoring

“By pressing an arm before and after being exposed to a thought, question, substance or circumstance, the body is said to reveal long-hidden information about our […]

Thank You Letter

This letter was written to Robyn Lotz in her assistance towards the battle Cherry faced with cancer.

A Personal Testimony

My first contact with Kinesiology came in 1986 when I was overworked, burnt out and borderline suicidal. My caring mother intervened and made an appointment for […]

Introduction to Touch for Health 1

TFH1 introduces the basics of Touch for Health (TFH) for both lay-people and professionals. You will learn the core techniques of muscle testing for the primary […]