Old Emotion Healing

By Robyn Lotz – Specialised Kinesiologist All behavioural, physical and emotional problems are deeply seated in past traumas.  We can restore our ability to make rational […]

Why You Should Only Work With A Registered Kinesiologist.

Once you have chosen to undertake a course or treatment involving Kinesiology, it is important to confirm that your choice of practitioner is qualified and registered. Although Kinesiology […]

Holistic Health Training.

Before deciding that you want to undertake a programme of holistic health training, it is first important to understand what exactly holistic health training entails. Over the […]

Is There An Age Limit To Learning Kinesiology?

Anyone can learn kinesiology and it is not necessary to have previous experience in kinesiology or hands-on healing. Many people choose to learn about Touch for Health […]

How Often Should Kinesiology Be Done?

Kinesiology can be done regularly without any negative side effects. The severity of the stress involved informs the number and duration of the treatments you would […]

Can I Do Kinesiology On Myself?

This is one of the great benefits of kinesiology. Self-testing enables you to dispel your own pain and identify your own stresses, allergies or affirmations that […]

Benefits of Kinesiology

Assists a natural path to physical and emotional health.   Releases pain and stress exceptionally quickly. Improves hydration, one of the main causes of all disorders. […]

What To Expect On A Touch for Health 1 (TFH) Course

Introduces the basics of Touch for Health (TFH) for both lay-people and professionals. You will learn the core techniques of muscle testing for the primary 14 […]

Dynamic Brain Integration

Robyn identifies and explains each student’s genetic brain profile and how each profile reacts under stress. What strengths and weaknesses you might have. How to trigger […]