Robyn Lotz Gives 10 Lucky People a FREE Workshop

Stand a chance to win a FREE Workshop with Robyn Lotz! Robyn Lotz is an established Kinesiologist with over 20 years experience in her industry.  This […]

Kinesiology helps with Food and Digestion

We all know the feeling when our bodies are not too happy with what we have eaten. One can experience bloating, food sensitivity, allergies, indigestion, bowel […]

How to Read Your Dog

What is your dog trying to tell you? Dogs have a language of their own that allows them to communicate their emotions and their intentions to […]

How can I benefit from Kinesiology.

Using an holistic approach Kinesiology uses several therapies to assist in getting you to be as healthy as you want to be. Kinesiology works on all […]

Holistic Animal Balancing

‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated’ Mahatma Gandhi. This is an ideal workshop […]

Why Brain Gym?

Over the years, there have many thoughts and theories about raising children which have been put into books developed into treatments and debated about. Much research […]

5 Easy Ways to go Green

Going Green can save our earth, by fulfilling simple tasks we can do our contribute to the going green initiative. 1. Support Farmer’s Markets. By buying […]

6 Rules to Live by for a Positive Life

1. Be comfortable in your own skin. No one is perfect, remember this, everyone has something they are not happy with, accept yourself for who you […]

How Touch For Health Helps You And Your Pets.

While Touch For Health has recently become one of the most popular and widely­ used practices of Kinesiology, what many people may not know is that […]